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Practice-Based Education

I specialize in teaching courses that combine media theory with practice. This gives students the opportunity to use skills in coding, web development, media production, and video editing with their humanities-based education.

Streaming Management

As the world turns more towards virtual solutions for event planning, I can assist with the technical aspects of organizing the ideal remote event.

Media Studies Courses

My courses have strong humanities-based components to help build the analytical and theoretical media studies skills of students.

Project Coordination

I have experience coordinating teams to complete long-term projects, assisting with logistics, budgeting, communication, and team management.

Web Development & Design

Need help creating a website? I have experience building, developing, and designing a website with multiple clients.

Workshop Development

To offer a more hands-on approach to learning, I create and develop personalized workshops in digital media production and technology. Previous workshops have included HTML/CSS, p5.js, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere among others.


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